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The 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting What You Want

Not Getting What You Want

The world is at your fingertips – that’s how the saying goes. But have you ever thought about why you‘re not getting what you want?

Because reality isn’t that simple.

Many of us lead unsatisfying lives, not content with our financial situations, our jobs, and even our relationship status. But have you ever wondered why most fail to land their dream job? Why some stuck in cold and loveless relationships? Or why only a chosen few have millions in their bank accounts?

Well, we can thank the Law of Attraction for that.

The Law of Attraction is a polarizing topic; we either understand it and align our behaviour to its principles, or we suffer as a result of our ignorance. A lot of people have never heard of this fascinating concept while some, like yourself, end up ultimately not getting what you want.

According to Psychology Today, “the Law of Attraction is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on”. To better understand how this concept relates to your discontent and dissatisfaction, let’s take a look at five reasons why the Law of Attraction isn’t working to get you what you want.

You Keep Holding Onto Negative Feelings.

Like attracts like is one of the basic principles of the Law of Attraction. In the simplest of terms, it means that what you feel inside will manifest into what happens on the outside. If your inner state is in harmony and at peace, then your reality will follow.

Naturally, the reverse stays true. If you hold onto feelings of anger, doubt, frustration, and even guilt, then your life will start feeling like a constant struggle. Instead of learning from failures and disappointments, you’ll only feel more discouraged by not getting what you want. Basically, the more you allow negativity to dominate yourself, then the more negativity will dominate your entire life.

Changing your life may seem hard and even impossible to do but keep in mind that adjusting your attitude and your perspective is the best first step that you can take. If you allow yourself to be at peace at all times, then everything will fall into place.

First Solution: A positive attitude attracts only positive outcomes.

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You Focus Too Much On Failure

Failure is crucial for our growth and development as an individual, which is why it’s an inevitable and necessary part of our life. Some, however, get too caught up with your failures and are unable to move past them. Instead, they dwell on this experience, letting it consume you until you’re stuck and wondering why you’re not getting what you want.

That shouldn’t be the case, though. Every time you experience failure, you should accept it, move on, and start afresh. If you can’t do this, then you subconsciously reinforce the belief that you deserve only failures, which leads you to concentrate solely on them. As this negative belief system grows, your focus on your failures increases too and you start directing all your efforts into avoiding them instead of pursuing opportunities that could turn out to be successful in the end.

Thus, the Law of Attraction gives you more failures because you’re unwittingly asking for it. Your negative beliefs lead you to accept the fact that the only thing you’re destined for is a failure. Expecting defeat before it even happens becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and you trap yourself in a vicious cycle of failure.

Second Solution: Attract success by believing that you are meant to be successful, no matter what.

You Lack The Willingness To Make It Happen

However, a positive mindset doesn’t always guarantee your desired results. Simply believing in your dreams and goals won’t manifest you into actually attaining them. Achievement requires action; you can’t reach your goals if you’re not willing to do what it takes.

Third Solution: Work to make your dreams happen.

You’re Not Patient Enough

If you’re constantly working hard yet still not getting what you want or achieving your desired results, then don’t lose hope! Manifestation takes time and losing patience will only tempt you into giving up on your dreams. When the inevitable feelings of frustration come, simply pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and refuse to give up.

Fourth Solution: Trust yourself and trust the process. But above all, be patient.

You’re Too Caught Up In Expectations

If you’re dreaming big – which I’m sure you are – then it’s completely normal to go into a panicked frenzy when you find yourself thinking about all the ways that it could go wrong. Or the opposite happens and you start to assume the endless possible scenarios that will make it happen.

Refrain from going into this kind of spiral and keep in mind the Law of Attraction instead. Getting what you want in life with the use of this concept is easy and straightforward – be clear about your wants and intentions, believe in your capabilities, trust the mysterious universe, practice the manifestation techniques outlined here, and keep working towards your goal. The rest will come naturally.

Fifth Solution: Let the universe sort everything out.

A Few Final Thoughts

The more you try to figure out the mysteries of the universe and its capabilities of manifesting your desires, the more you hinder its process. Simply stick to the vision in your mind, continue working towards your goals, and wait patiently. Soon enough, your dreams will turn into your new reality.


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