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What is the Law of Attraction?

Law Of Attraction Meaning

A life of abundance – that’s the dream, right? All of us desire a future where our biggest dreams are realized; a huge house, frequent travel to exotic places, the latest cars, and so on. We work our fingers to the bone trying to turn this fantasy into a reality but then, the Law of Attraction hits and we’re left with nothing but mediocrity.

The basic ethos of the Law of Attraction is that we attract only what we manifest; with this, it isn’t surprising that by limiting ourselves and holding ourselves back, we turn our deepest, darkest fears into the real thing. Simply put, setting yourself up for failure only leads to more failure.

This is a trait common among most of us and we constantly find ourselves struggling to hold onto the things that we already have, afraid that they’ll disappear in the blink of an eye. But more than that, we fight to reach our goals and achieve all of our aspirations. Instead of allowing us to arrive at new heights of success, though, we subconsciously start to believe that this endless struggle is all that we’re ever good for. We trap ourselves in this maze of illusion, turning our negative beliefs into self-fulfilling prophecies.

In the end, we become so disconnected from life and living that we end up doing the very things that we hate.

Is this the kind of reality that you envisioned for yourself? Absolutely not!

Getting out of this rut is challenging, but still doable. To do so, however, means to ask yourself questions that you’d perhaps rather not answer. For instance, why do most of my dreams remain unfulfilled? Why didn’t my life go the way I planned it to go? And most importantly, why do I feel trapped?

If you’re having trouble answering these by yourself, then it’s time to turn to a radical philosophy of practical spirituality increasingly practiced by many: the Law of Attraction.

It may not be an exact science, nor can it be found in the annals of physics or biology, but the Law of Attraction is, without a doubt, real. By harnessing the full potential of this spiritual law, you’ll be able to tap into the mysterious powers of the universe, achieving what you actually want and changing your life forever.

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Let’s Talk About Manifestation

Science tells us that our world is governed by forces of attraction; atoms are bonded together to create molecules, iron and nickel stick to magnets without fail, and gravity allows us to keep our feet firmly on the ground. Even galaxies in the universe adhere to these rules: the planets revolve around the sun, the stars are stuck in the sky, and chunks of broken moons and asteroids surround Saturn, attracted to the Ringed Planet for eternity.

In the most non-scientific of terms, everything in our world is a magnet, constantly attracting things, and pulling them into their own orbits.

We can think of our minds as magnets too, pushing out forces that attract what we want it to. People who share the same interests become friends, having a mindset of growth leads to an abundance of wealth while thoughts steeped in failure bring nothing but disappointment and defeat. Positive thoughts turn into positive and tangible things while negative thoughts result in unsuccessful experiences.

Like attracts like – this is the basic principle of the Law of Attraction.

To illustrate this further, let’s use some real-world examples. For instance, a college student who believes in himself, no matter what, will find his academic achievements to be stellar. His grades are high, his social relationships are great, and his school-life balance is excellent.

In a similar vein, someone who thinks only negative thoughts will attract only negativity; a struggling fresh graduate who focuses on failed job interviews will only see their pile of rejection letters growing by the minute. By putting all their thoughts and energy into disappointment, their reality becomes nothing but that.

But if our thoughts are capable of becoming things, then why do so many of our dreams remain dreams? This is where the Principle of Vibration comes into play.

According to the self-empowerment website, Ayam Journeys, “the Principle of Vibration is the idea that motion is manifested in everything in the universe.” It posits that our world is constantly moving and constantly vibrating with energy continuously transforming itself from one form to another. With this, we are all connected to each other by the energies and vibrations that we emit, a notion that is referred to by many as Quantum Entanglement. These energies are made up of our daily thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and emotions, which all seek each other out, and in turn, generates the cosmic waves that make up the universe.

Unfortunately, humans are not fully-equipped to handle such interconnectedness and thus, we find ourselves turning to negative thoughts. By focusing only on negativity, we subconsciously set ourselves up for consequences and outcomes that aren’t in our favor. While we aspire to be successful, we unwittingly set ourselves up for failure.

It’s human nature to be afraid of defeat, however, we end up focusing on the hows of avoiding defeat rather than the hows of achieving success.

In the end, failure becomes our reality because we make it to be that way.

This is why using the Law of Attraction to work against all odds is extremely important. With its principles in mind, getting what you want simply calls for eradicating all the negativity in your mind.

This process of manifestation is supposed to be instantaneous but in some cases, it takes time. The mountain of doubt, fear, guilt, and distrust that we’ve held onto all these years doesn’t disappear overnight. Rather, the mind has to learn to sort of reprogram itself for it to start emitting the right kind of vibrations.

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Final Thoughts

Achieving your dreams isn’t hard at all; it requires only you to start believing in yourself, working towards your goals, and allowing the universe to take care of the rest. This is easy and straightforward, and even more so with the principles of the Law of Attraction in mind.


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