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How to Manifest Financial Abundance?

Financial Abundance

It may sound callous to say it but nobody can deny that money makes the world go round. They’re a fundamental necessity in life and it’s safe to say that everyone dreams of financial abundance.

One’s relationship with money is one of the primary reasons why many start exploring the concept of the Law of Attraction; the tools, techniques, and practices encompassed by this idea can all be successfully used to attract abundance. To put it more simply, the Law of Attraction can be maximized to increase the amount of money in your bank account.

Make no mistake, though. While this spiritual law can be used to attract financial success, you still need to put in dedication, hard work, patience, and persistence. These, combined with a positive outlook, will all manifest into financial abundance.

While many believe that they have every right to wealth, not a lot of people actually end up with it because they’re hindered by their attitude towards money. Those who are rich and successful think differently, developing thought patterns that attract only money.

Manifesting Financial Abundance in 3 Easy Steps:

Step One: Adjust Your Financial Thermostat

Your financial thermostat works the same way as your regular thermostat does; if you keep it at a certain setting, then the heat will kick in if the temperature falls below that. Conversely, the heat will turn off if it goes above that. The thermostat keeps the inside of your home at the temperature that you’re comfortable with and your financial thermostat functions the same way too.

It basically means the amount of money that you’re comfortable handling. If your financial thermostat is set to thousands, then no matter how many millions you accrue, you’ll always end up having thousands. If yours is set to millions, however, then you’ll never be satisfied until you reach that “perfect setting.”

Whether it be in the hundreds, the thousands, or even the millions, align your financial thermostat with the amount you need to achieve your goals. You’ll find that your path to reaching them will be much easier then.

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Step Two: Build A Better Relationship With Money

An unhealthy relationship with money directly correlates to the lack of a consistent and effective financial strategy. Oftentimes, they find themselves spending more than they earn. Others also perceive money with fear and frustration instead of treating it like a trusted friend.

When you have this sort of relationship with money, you tend to focus all your attention on scarcity rather than abundance. And when we combine this focal point with the Law of Attraction, then it means that you’ll only attract scarcity in your life.

If you believe that you have an unhealthy relationship with money, then now’s the ideal time to change it! First and foremost, spend some time understanding your financial behavior and self-image. Identify all the negative associations with money and wealth, and then, forgive yourself for them.

Let go of your past mistakes and embrace your current financial situation, both the good and the bad. This is the first step to attaining money.

It can be rather scary to face your money fears and issues but setting aside time each week to review your bank accounts, as well as your debts, will be extremely beneficial to your financial life.

Besides facing your fears, affirmations also help cultivate a positive money mindset, which in turn can lead to financial abundance. Simply saying I love money and money loves me back or My relationship with money is thriving, or anything along those lines will transform your relationship with money.

Step Three: Develop Habits That Will Make You Rich

Our habits shape our lives far more than we realize; they can make or break your success and you have to adjust or even adopt new ones if you want to achieve abundance.

To discern between your good and bad daily habits, draw two columns on a piece of paper and separate the habits that you want to keep from those that you want to drop. Being able to visualize these will take you one step closer to attract money.

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Final Thoughts

Manifesting abundance isn’t difficult at all, as long as you refrain from dwelling on scarcity. Reset your financial thermostat, improve your relationship with money, develop good and rich habits, and continue to work with your vision – and above all, let the universe guide you towards your goal.


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