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How to Get an Ex Back with The Law Of Attraction?

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Psychology can be used for a number of things but have you ever considered using the principle of the Law of Attraction to get an ex back?

Listen, there’s no shame in denying it; nearly all of us have looked back on our happier times with an ex-partner and wished for them back. Or we spot them while they’re out and about somewhere, feeling a pang in our hearts as we realize that we aren’t completely over them yet. We spend endless days and sleepless nights thinking about them and all the romantic moments that we shared.

Well, there’s a way to turn those daydreams into reality.

Using the Law of Attraction is nothing new and tons of people have managed to lure their exes back – improving their lives in the process – just by using this neat psychological principle.

So without further ado, here’s how you can mend your broken heart by using the Law of Attraction to get an ex back.

Forget All The Negativity

The basic rationale behind the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like, which means that whatever positive thoughts you have inside of you will be returned by the universe tenfold. Conversely, all the negative ideas, feelings, and emotions swirling within will also be given back to you.

So, if you’re only thinking about all the negative moments that you had with your ex, then chances are, you’ll only stray away further from each other.

It’s not easy to forget about the fights and the harsh words that eventually led to the breakup. More importantly, it’s difficult to overcome the pain that you undoubtedly felt in the days that you followed.

It may seem overwhelming and impossible to do but that’s exactly what needs to happen if you want to use the Law of Attraction. Simply put, you have to expel from your mind all the negative and toxic thoughts that you have about them, allowing only the positive moments and words to remain.

Every morning, imagine yourself waking up next to your ex and greeting them with a smile. Try to visualize yourself going home to them at the end of the day, enveloping them in your arms as you cuddle and talk about all the mundane things that happened at work.

By focusing on these happy moments, you’ll soon find yourself forgetting the hurt, pain, and negativity that you endured in the final moments of your relationship.

Love Yourself First

Understandably, it’s difficult to focus on the positives of a relationship when you’ve experienced nothing but pain during the last few months – or even years. You might be asking yourself: What did I do wrong? Was I not enough?

It’s important to stop these thoughts from taking over your mind since it will undoubtedly fill you with nothing but insecurity, self-doubt, and self-loathing. Furthermore, concentrating on these emotions will only serve to make you believe that you’re unbelievable, which is so far from the truth.

Before trying to get your ex back, focus on loving yourself first. Self-healing and trying to rise past the agony that you’re undoubtedly feeling is a difficult process that will certainly take its emotional toll on you, which is why it’s important that you don’t hurry things along.

Draw wisdom from the relationship – both its good and bad aspects – by practicing meditation. This way, you can reset and recharge yourself, allowing your mind and your emotions to heal completely. This is also a great way to prepare yourself to welcome your ex-partner back into your life.

Remember – don’t let a relationship, especially its negative parts, define you. You may be using the Law of Attraction to get an ex back but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your own needs and wants too. Before anything else, make sure that you’re in the right state of mind by practicing self-care and prioritizing yourself before others.

Don’t Reach Out To Them

It may not seem like it but maintaining your distance from them is another way of using the Law of Attraction to get an ex back. Stop yourself from calling them, from texting them, and even from stalking their social media pages. More importantly, try not to look at your old photos and conversations – don’t kid yourself by thinking that you’re ready to experience all that pain again.

Instead, let them come to you.

See, when you’re actively pursuing an ex, there’s a big chance that you aren’t completely over all the negativity and pain that you suffered in the relationship. You might find yourself bringing up past hurts and past arguments, as well as finding new things to fight about.

Using the Law of Attraction to get an ex back means respecting the boundaries that they set for themselves, both physical and emotional. It means preventing yourself from imposing your will on them. After all, you might be ready to get back together but are you sure that they’re on the same page as you are?

Keep in mind that your ex is a human being – an individual with freedom and capable of rational thought. If you want to bring back your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, then you have to avoid forcing your free will on their free will.

The popular saying goes, “If you really love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.” It sounds really stupid, cheesy, and corny, right? But that’s exactly what using the Law of Attraction to get an ex back entails.

Make no mistake, it’ll be a lengthy and difficult process, and you’ll certainly feel a level of pain that you never thought possible. But keep your eyes focused on the light at the end of the tunnel – you’ll be back in their arms soon enough.

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Final Thoughts

Making use of the principles of the Law of Attraction to get an ex back is a huge challenge – one that many have tried and failed. However, that isn’t to say that it’s an impossible feat that can’t be achieved.

Those who have succeeded, though, were the ones who were determined and tenacious; they persevered throughout the pain and the obstacles, and they kept ignoring the negative thoughts trying to seep into their minds.

So, just be patient and think only positive thoughts. Remember – the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like; if you continue thinking, breathing, and living out nothing but positivity, then you and your ex will most definitely be back together in no time at all.


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