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The Law of Attraction Explained by Quantum Physics

Law Of Attraction Physics

The Law of Attraction operates with the principles of physics. Do we have to live life as it is given to us, or do we have the power to change things? Is there any scientific data that supports the law of attraction? Is it possible to redesign our lives and recreate a better reality by just changing the way we think?

Research shows that worry and negative thinking play a huge role in our psychological and physical health. On the other hand, positive thinking enhances our mood and improves both our physical and psychological health.

Much research has been done on this topic and almost all of them come to the same conclusion. The way we think greatly impacts the way we live. We have scientific evidence that, when treating depression, people who were given placebo pills, showed the same positive results as the people who were given real depression medication.

In other words, what plays a role in our healing process is our thinking pattern. So if we can create healthy thinking habits, we can turn our lives around and get closer to the best version of ourselves.

Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics

There is a direct relation between the law of attraction and quantum physics. Quantum physics deals with energy, the tiniest particles that create the energy, and how this energy changes these particles. Energy is vibration. The law of attraction also deals with energy, and how our vibration can change our reality.

Imagine you are looking at a photograph of something you have never seen before, like an object that is completely unfamiliar to you. Until your brain creates a realistic image, it scans all the information it has until that moment, trying to connect the new object with what it already knows and has stored in its data bank.

For a few seconds, maybe more, you will not be able to make sense of that object, until you can understand its shape, its dimensions. The brain operates with familiar patterns. Once you change these patterns, you create a new reality. Which means, whatever you feed your brain, you will harvest. In this vast Universe, we are all connected.

Our actions and thoughts affect others constantly. One bad thought leads to another. One bad action towards someone creates another bad action and the ripple effect continues. In that sense, if we can influence, with our thoughts, good things, or positive actions, we can most definitely create a chain of positive reactions.

All this energy works like a boomerang. You reap what you saw, the famous proverb says. What we put out, comes back to us. This helps us understand the power of manifestation and how it redirects our lives and the lives of others. The way we perceive things turns them into reality.

Your Thoughts Recreate Your Reality

Energy is everywhere, it is in everything. All living beings and non-living things have energy. In old Buddhist texts, we see it as everything has a soul and life, be it living or nonliving. It is amazing to see that many centuries later, science meets with the oldest philosophies and religions to show us that what we already knew, was in fact, the truth.

Thoughts creating reality and everything having a certain vibrational frequency might still be fairly new to the Western world, but it has been known to the Eastern world for centuries. Energy can be shifted, re-formed, re-shaped, redirected. your reality is your energy. When you improve it, you improve your quality of life, it is as simple as that.

Law of Attraction is all about possibilities, turning dreams into reality. Whatever you wish, you can manifest. In its principle, like attracts like. When you manifest, you are raising your vibrations in the present moment. In your brain, it becomes your current reality. you are already there. Everything you dream of is in your hands. You are the creator of your reality.

According to the Law of Attraction, there is nothing that is permanently fixed. Everything, living or nonliving, is in a constant flow of energy, everchanging. That’s why you have the power and ability to change your reality by simply raising your vibration. Whatever you put your focus on, is achievable.

In recent years, the law of attraction became the focal point of physics. Especially the Quantum physicists have discovered that our thoughts have a huge impact on how our lives take shape. The frequency of our thoughts can change the shape of the particles in frozen water. This was an amazing discovery. It simply explains how our minds are much more powerful than we realize.

How It Helps Us Manifest Our Desires?

The Law of Attraction is one of the 12 spiritual laws of the Universe. Its principle is to raise your vibration to attract more from the same frequency. Whatever frequency you vibrate in, you attract from that. We always attract people and things that fit into our state of being, and consciousness.

We are looking for a way to find our purpose in life. We are all trying to manifest the things we want to have, what we want to become. But unfortunately, most of the time we are doing it wrong. Our intentions and our energy determine what will come across our path. If you are trying to manifest love, but you are doing it with negative intentions, focusing more on the fact that you are single and you will never be able to find true love, this is the message you are sending out to the Universe.

The Universe listens. Always. When you are in a state of negativity, focusing on your singlehood and loneliness, your bad luck, your past relationships, these thought patterns reflect on you. When you set your intentions positively, however, and you already live your life as if you have already found your true love, and spend this time rebuilding your life, improving yourself, you are now inviting love into your life. As soon as you are ready to receive, the Universe answers.

As much as it is scientific, the Law of Attraction is also a highly spiritual concept. Spirituality does not have to be connected to any religion, although all world religions, in their essence, are connected to manifestation by way of prayer, meditations, and other methods.

You don’t have to practice any religion to be a spiritual person. Your spirituality comes from within you, it is your unique way of connecting with the Universe and everything else that’s in it because we are all connected. Spirituality goes beyond our physical existence, it is the essence of our soul, our core being. Your soul is what builds this connection. Your energy. You manifest through your soul, from within.

Final Thoughts

The more we understand and live by the principles of the law of attraction and quantum physics, the easier it will become for us to manifest and visualize our desires. Once we make this a daily practice, act as if it is already there for us, we will have the power to create the reality we dream of.


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