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Law of Attraction Manifestation Through Meditation

Law Of Attraction Manifestation

Relaxation and the manifestation of our goals are both hard to come by in the Digital Age but luckily, we have the Law of Attraction on our side. With the way our world works today, utter peace and silence are nothing but distant memories.

We’re constantly inundated with a barrage of content, all of them vying for our attention. And with the fast-paced lives that most of us lead, we find that our minds are always occupied, checking off things in our to-do list and considering our next move.

However, this sort of lifestyle won’t guarantee that we’ll reach a successful manifestation of our goals in the future. The Law of Attraction, on the other hand, does exactly that. Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction will undoubtedly lead to a prosperous life – one where a successful manifestation of our goals and deepest desires has been achieved.

According to experts, the Law of Attraction means that like attracts like. Simply put, you’ll achieve whatever it is that you want only if you believe in your abilities to achieve them. For instance, if you’re dreaming of buying a new house and you think to yourself that yes, I will buy that big house someday, then it’ll happen.

Magic? Nope, that’s the Law of Attraction.

Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction requires us to keep our minds completely still and calm. Now, this may seem like a rather impossible feat due to the Digital Age, however, there’s a relaxation exercise that can be done to train one’s mind to win the game of manifestation.

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Turning Relaxation Into Meditation

To perfect the art of manifestation and relaxation, arrange yourself into a comfortable position. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting down, lying on your side, or even upside down, so long as you’re at ease and in a spot where no one can interrupt you. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing and remove your shoes.

Keep in mind that this exercise will take between 15 to 25 minutes so only do this if you aren’t in a hurry.

Once you’re ready, inhale slowly and deeply from your abdomen. Hold this breath for five seconds before exhaling slowly. Repeat this cycle and observe your body as it expands and contracts with every breath. You’ll find yourself slowly settling into a profound state of relaxation.

Close your eyes but keep up with the breathing exercise. You’ll be relaxing every part of your body slowly, starting from the bottoms of your feet to the very top of your head.

Ready? Alright, now pay close attention to your feet. How do they feel? Are they warm or cold? What sort of sensations are you sensing? Allow your feet to relax with every breath you take.

Then, slowly move up by shifting your focus on your ankles, then to your calves, and then to the back of your knees. Do you feel any twitching or tingling in these areas? Allow them to feel limp but don’t force it. Simply let your breathing and your body do the work for you.

Spend between five to ten seconds on each part – from your shins to your knees, then to your hamstrings and thighs. Let your muscles loosen with every exhalation. Shift your attention to your buttocks; our gluteal muscles contract whenever we feel stressed so inhale, exhale, and let go.

From your pelvic region to your belly, and then to your lower back. Breathe into these areas, allow them to relax, and be one with the sensations that each part feels.

Then to your chest, then upper back, then hands, and go up to your arms. Let the muscles in these areas relax. Again, breathe deeply into them and focus on every feeling, every sensation that you’re feeling.

Finally, let the relaxation flow up to your shoulders and your throat. Allow them to loosen up and feel at ease.

And to the most important part – your face. The face is considered to be the mirror of the mind; its 42 individual facial muscles all coordinate and synchronize with each other to reflect our innermost thoughts and feelings. The expressions that we make daily are a direct manifestation of our internal goings-on. Spend at least five seconds on each part of your face; be aware of their quirks and structures. Feel your cheeks and your cheekbones, and your nose and lips.

Afterward, pay attention to your head: the skull bone, the thin muscles on the scalp, and the follicles on your hair. Feel the muscles in your brain loosen up as you set your focus on them.

Your entire body is in a state of relaxation now. Feel it.

After twenty seconds, take a couple more deep breaths and then open your eyes. Stretch out your hands and legs. How do you feel? Refreshed. Invigorated. Right?

Congratulations, you’ve won the game of manifestation.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, the role that manifestation plays is extremely crucial. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to reach our goals and achieve our dreams. This is why winning the game of manifestation is an important skill to master.


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