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Learn How to Use The Law of Attraction to Your Kids

Law Of Attraction For Kids

The majority of people believe that manifesting your wants and turning your dreams into reality is something reserved only for adults but is the Law of Attraction for kids, too?

To put it quite frankly – absolutely.

Kids are imaginative and resourceful creatures, which means that they find themselves creating something new every single day. Have you ever come home to your child excitedly trying to show you a picture that they drew? To add to that, Parent-Teacher Days at school often feature exhibits with the students’ artwork on display while a whole slew of creative classes – from music to arts and crafts – are geared towards bringing out your child’s creative side.

Their limitless capacities for creativity and imagination are the exact reasons why the Law of Attraction for kids works great.

But how do you explain this psychological principle to your child? I’m sure that they’ll find the words “manifestation,” “visualization,” and even “attraction” foreign and difficult to comprehend.

Teaching the Law of Attraction for kids is a rather tricky process, which is why this popular notion needs to be broken down into concepts that they can easily understand and live out.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can spell it out for your child.

Law Of Attraction For Kids Means Being Thankful

Those who are grateful about every little thing that they experience – whether it be big or small – are more appreciative of life, able to focus on its positive aspects instead of the negativity and challenges that they encounter, which means that they find it much easier to think only positive thoughts.

Now, keep in mind that the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. By keeping your thoughts trained only on the positive parts of life, rather than dwelling on its negative aspects, then you’re able to manifest only good things for yourself too.

To explain the Law of Attraction, remind your child to be grateful at all times, even if they don’t feel like it. Instill in them the ability to find positivity even in the problems and challenges that they come across.

Instead of focusing on the failing score they received on a Math test, encourage them to see it as a learning experience. Rather than brooding over a fight that they had with their best friend, urge them to perceive it as an opportunity to strengthen their friendship instead.

Cultivating the value of gratitude in your child is key to successfully breaking down and illustrating further the Law of Attraction for kids.

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Being Straightforward

Try asking your child what they want to be when they grow up. Do they see themselves as a doctor? As an astronaut? Or as the president of the world? Kids oftentimes have big and seemingly unattainable dreams but that doesn’t make them any less valid.

Encourage your child to be straightforward and direct about what they want out of life. Even if their goals seem ridiculous to you, it means a lot to them so assure them that they have your complete support.

Thanks to social media and the rampant rise of cyberbullying, children nowadays are shy about their dreams, afraid that both their peers and relatives will laugh at them. To resolve this, affirm your child that their wants and needs are well-founded and attainable – even if you don’t think the same.

By doing so, you instill in them the courage to lead their own lives in pursuit of their dreams and goals. More importantly, you show them that their wants – however preposterous they may be – are valid and acknowledged by you.

Going Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Reaching your goals means moving out of your comfort zone, taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, even if you aren’t completely sure about your capabilities. It means moving past your insecurities and self-doubt, facing challenges and obstacles head-on to reach your full potential.

Understandably, none of this is easy – even for adults.

But that’s exactly what the Law of Attraction for kids entails.

Encourage your child to get out of their comfort zone by giving them opportunities to join clubs and organizations that might be of interest to them. Support their hobbies – whether it be martial arts or bird-watching – and show them that the activities they like are important to you too by putting in the time and effort to learn more about them. Expose them to learning opportunities, such as museums and theme parks, where they can learn more about themselves, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Above all, show them that you yourself are also willing to step out of your comfort zone. By taking up a hobby that you never dreamed of doing or by facing your fears, you demonstrate to your child that life isn’t about staying stagnant; rather, it’s about constantly pushing yourself to go beyond your limits.

Final Thoughts

To say that the Law of Attraction for kids is a tricky subject would be an understatement. However, by breaking it down into concepts and ideas that they can easily understand, you’ll be able to cultivate in them the determination and the ability to turn their dreams into reality.


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