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What is the Connection of Brainwaves to Successful Manifestation?

Brainwaves And Successful Manifestation

Many believers in the Law of Attraction are increasingly becoming interested in exploring the relationship between brainwaves and successful manifestation; some theorize that low-frequency brainwaves can be aligned with one’s desires and intentions – if this is found to be right, then its potential use and impact on our lives are endless!

Low-frequency brainwaves are primarily achieved through meditation or the use of entrainment technologies, such as glasses fitted with diodes or therapeutic music that specifically targets the mind. However, meditation is more popular, thanks to its accessibility, affordability, and ease of use.

Besides harnessing the power of your brainwaves, meditation also has a whole host of other benefits. For one thing, it can allow you to enter into a deeper state of relaxation, leaving you well-rested and boosting your energy levels. Moreover, meditation helps you gain a better sense of self, which can lead to you taking more control of your life and having more direction to pursue your goals.

It’s a known fact that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs both play key roles in our success but not a lot of people are aware of how our triumphs are also affected by our brain’s oscillating electrical impulses.

But what exactly are brainwaves? And more importantly, how are they connected to successful manifestation? Well, let’s break them down!

First Things First – What Are Brainwaves?

To put it scientifically, brainwaves are the messages between the neurons found within our brains. They’re produced by synchronized electrical pulses sent by neurons whenever they communicate with each other. They reflect the process of our cognitive information, logical reasoning, feelings, and actions.

Now to put it in plain English, think of your brain as an orchestra and your brainwaves as musical notes. Higher-frequency waves are the high-pitched flute section while low-frequency waves are the deep and heavy drumbeat in the background. When heard separately, they’re nothing more than a cacophony. Together, though, they produce an unforgettable harmonious symphony.

Five Types Of Brainwaves:

1. Delta Brainwaves (0.5 – 4Hz)

These brainwaves are associated with the deepest stages of sleep when the body’s healing and rejuvenation take place. Additionally, this is also said to be the realm of the unconscious mind. However, this can also be achieved while conscious; those adept at meditation usually enter into this realm whenever they sink into a profound, transcendental meditation.

2. Theta Brainwaves (4-7.5Hz)

These are a profound form of brainwaves, experienced by those fond of practicing deep meditation. Chakra Yoga experts consider Theta brainwaves to be the “third eye,” a gateway that leads to realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

3. Alpha Brainwaves (8-13Hz)

These waves are experienced whenever you’re trying to go into a deeper state of mind. This relaxed state is when you can clearly visualize your future, attracting the things you desire, and attempting a successful manifestation of your goals.

4. Beta Brainwaves (14-40Hz)

Beta brainwaves are what you experience whenever you’re wide awake and alert, dominating your brain when you perform activities like reading, working, and socializing. In this state, your brain’s neurons are firing rapidly as you direct your full attention towards the outside world.

5. Gama Brainwaves (30-100Hz)

Linked to higher mental activity, Gama brainwaves are generated whenever you learn new information or do something that requires a lot of concentration.

How To Train Your brainwaves?

Now that you have all this information about brainwaves, it’s time to figure out how to maximize their full potential. Being able to control your brainwaves will allow you to reprogram both your subconscious and unconscious minds, leading to a successful manifestation of your dreams and desires.

To voluntarily control the frequencies of your brainwaves, one needs to enter into a deep meditative state. This may seem intimidating and difficult to achieve, however, here’s an easy meditation exercise that will help you move onto the Delta brainwaves without falling asleep.

First and foremost, you must prepare your mind for meditation. Settle into a comfortable position but keep your back straight and your shoulders soft. And, don’t forget to close your eyes.

As your body continues to relax, take note of how calm and gentle your breathing is. Notice the stillness pervading your body and allow your mind to release all your tension, stress, and frustration. Gradually, you’ll find your breaths settling into a comfortable and tranquil rhythm.

Be aware of the gentle rise and fall of your chest that comes with every breath you take. Continue with this breathing exercise and refrain from allowing your thoughts to intrude. Keep track of the sensations or emotions that you may be feeling right now – then let go. Return to focusing on your breath.

By this stage, your brain activity has slowed down to below 13 cycles per second and the calmness that you’re feeling is on a whole new level.

Welcome to the Delta Brainwave state.

Final Thoughts

The successful manifestation of your goals requires thoroughly training your brainwaves; you have to be able to free your mind from all its mental clutter, which will allow you to fully harness its infinite potential. Knowing how to control your own brainwaves will help you go beyond your perceived limitations and through this, the manifestation of your deepest desires will come in no time at all.


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