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15 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations to Say During Meditation for Healing, and Balancing.

Root Chakra Affirmations

The Muladhara or root chakra is the fount of your life source energy, known as chi or prana. The first chakra is foundational for the chakra system. It is the seat of the intricate energetic interplay between the physical world and your spirit. Root chakra affirmations, root chakra crystals like red jasper and black tourmaline, and root charka essential oils such as vetiver and frankincense can help you achieve optimal wellness, keeping your first chakra clear, active, and open.

Is Your Root Chakra Blocked?

When your root chakra is blocked, all four fundamental bodies can struggle, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. You can experience insecurity, anxiety, fear, loneliness, stagnation, lack of purpose, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue.

How to Heal the Root Chakra?

The meaning of the Sanskrit word for root chakra, Muladhara, means “the root of all existence”. It can reasonably be considered the root of all wellness as well! A healthy root chakra strengthens concentration and goal achievement, fosters passion and determination, enhances a sense of belonging and life purpose, and boosts energy as it supports the circulatory system.

Foods like beets and carrots, yoga poses such as child’s pose and forward fold, and the seed mantra “LAM” can manifest the benefits of a robust root chakra frequency. Perhaps, the most convenient, empowering, and fast way to heal the first chakra are root chakra affirmations.

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The Power of Root Chakra Affirmations

There is empirical evidence that affirmations positively influence the four bodies, lower stress, balance emotions, foster spiritual growth, and decrease physical forms of stress. While you may think of massages, facials, yoga class, and clean eating as self-care, root chakra mantras are a great way to show yourself you matter, and the best part is…it’s free!

You can repeat your root chakra affirmations on the way to work, before bed, in a root chakra healing yoga pose, or with a root chakra stone like hematite or garnet placed on your lower abdomen, above the base of your spine. To open your first chakra even faster, picture a vibrant red disk of light at the foundation of your spine to supercharge your chakra of manifestation.

15 Healing Root Chakra & Grounding Affirmations

Recite these healing and grounding affirmations out loud or silent within. Repeat the affirmations with intention, purpose, empowerment, and faith in your power to heal yourself!

  1.  My root chakra is clear, open, and balanced.
  2.  I am safe, secure, and grounded in every moment and every circumstance.
  3.  I am deeply rooted and strengthened in the power of my first chakra.
  4.  I can achieve and obtain what I need to take care of my needs. I have everything I need.
  5.  I am connected to the world, I am sustained by the earth, I am supported by those around me.
  6.  I have a right to be here, I have a place in the world, I am aligned with my purpose.
  7.  I am deeply rooted and capable of healing my mind, body, and spirit.
  8.  I am secure and confident in my place in the world, wherever I may path takes me.
  9.  I am everything I need, I have everything I need, I release my worries and fears.
  10.  I am safe, I am protected, I am empowered, I am at peace.
  11.  I am connected to my body, I am healing my body, I nurture my body.
  12.  The world is intrinsically good, and I am deserving of its abundance.
  13.  I manifest and use material wealth with balance, trust, and receptivity.
  14.  I am financially secure, I manifest abundance, I attract prosperity.
  15.  I am grounded and connected to the guidance of the universe and the healing energy of the earth.

Root Chakra Affirmations

Final Thoughts

Once you get comfortable with these root chakra affirmations, take the time to personalize them to you and your needs, adding to the list depending on the type of energy you want your Muladhara to nourish and manifest.

Some say, “life is what it is,” but in truth, it is what you make of it! From the root of your existence, your first chakra, you have the power to cultivate a life that blossoms into a vibrant array of opportunities, circumstances, relationships, and triumphs that you both desire and deserve!


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